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  1. Almost concert time!

    08/11/09 12:04:25 | 0 Comments

    Guess you could tell from the cat photos that I'm happily anticipating the two concerts I'll be going to. I'm excited about my mini travels while hoping that everything goes well from start to finish. From all the reports I've read, there should be no worries about enjoying the shows because the comments have all been "thumbs up!" and the photos show the Moodies are still in fine form. Now that leaves me, so what "form" am I in? No, I don't mean shape...
  2. How time has flown!

    06/07/09 20:56:11 | 0 Comments

    Wow, it's been awhile since I wrote and I guess my pictures got tired of waiting for me to return because they're gone! Maybe it's time for some new ones anyway and with the new Moodies tour just over a month away, it's a good idea to turn over a new leaf or two. Certainly endured the wear and tear during ticket buying season, but isn't that always the case? Unfortunately yes... A few new quirks to deal with, but maybe the best approach is to slow down or try something...
  3. The sun has set on The Bachelor...

    03/04/09 13:25:11 | 0 Comments

    ...but only until May when Jillian becomes the latest Bachelorette. I've been keeping up with Chris Harrison's blogs after each show as well as the EW reviews and now that the final "After The Rose" show has aired, I went ahead and added my comments to Chris' blog. Here's what I wrote:

    TV is a unique medium that draws us in, sometimes to the degree that we feel like part of the show with the characters being our "friends" when actually we're...
  4. The Power of Music

    02/26/09 12:44:48 | 0 Comments

    Plain and simple, music has power! It's something that even though only heard, seeps into every part of you, letting you see whatever sights the notes create in your mind and getting your body swaying to the beat. Music just sweeps over you leaving no nooks or crannies unfilled, replacing any stress or unpleasant thoughts that might be bothering you, if only for a little while. Nothing wrong with being somewhere else for a time allowing a shift in your consciousness and possibly setting...
  5. Some good news, please?

    02/22/09 13:35:31 | 0 Comments

    I know we all have our problems and we do the best we can to deal with them in our own lives with the hope that the world around us will give us some comfort and support. The problem is, these days it's difficult to get away from bad news as it is pretty much of an epidemic right now wherever you turn. I can try to not read some articles in the newspaper or change the screen on the computer, but this is our reality and we're all still part of it. It would be easy to say "What can I...